Snake Safety

Into the Wild is dedicated to keeping our communities and animals safe and able to live alongside each other harmoniously for the benefit of our people, animals and a sustainable environment for all into the future.

Book a Snake Safety educational workshop with us and we will give you a greater understanding of how to deal with snakes ethically, safely and lawfully around the workplace, school, home or in the bush!

We are focused on giving practical information to deal with (and avoid) snake encounters and we strive to communicate using simple, everyday language to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the information given. We are not focused on teaching in depth information about any particular snake species but rather a general approach to dealing with any snake you may come across to keep everyone safe and to give you an understanding of why snakes are so important in our environment. We will however teach you some really cool snake facts and answer any questions you may have!

We tailor our workshops to suit different age groups and situations. These may range from workplaces that are likely to have a snake presence, schools, kindergartens, farmers, and special interest organisations such as Landcare groups.

We bring a selection of real live non-venomous snakes to the workshop to show and offer the opportunity to touch or hold them to help alleviate the fear of reptiles and become familiar with their amazing features and behaviours.

Our presentations run for 1-2 hours depending on the audience and information required. Please call us so we can personalise the workshop to your needs.